Address of parents

Our daughter is 2 years old. She suffers from cancer. 

This disease is extremely unpredictable! Perhaps, we’ll have to continue her therapy abroad, it’s possible to cure young children there even if they have been denied cancer treatment in Russia. Little Ann has the 4th stage of the neuroblastoma and we are not going to waste our precious time. In this case any procrastination may cost the girl her life. Until the situation is not beyond control we’d like to start fundraising for little Ann’s treatment. A number of clinics in Germany are ready to take the child for treatment if we’ll place at least some money on deposit. Certainly, we’ll count on monetary support from charity funds. According to forward estimate, an invoice for treatment will be about 200.000 euros (except for accommodation and flight). The girl has been taken to the Federal Research and Clinical Centre of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Immunology named after D.Rogachyov, it’s a new modern Cancer Centre in Moscow. Little Ann has been given a medical quota which allows her to be under treatment free of charge now. But “free of charge” doesn’t mean “free of all expenses” and we need something to live upon here. Our job and all our worries besides the daughter’s disease pale into significance. We devote all energies to facilitate the process of the girl’s treatment. It’s necessary for the child’s father to be at hand as often as possible, little Ann loves him very much and misses him much. Also she misses her brother Oleg, he remained at home in Kineshma. He has a rough time now too, he is only 8 years old and doesn’t understand why Mom and Dad are not at home. He used to live with his family. It would be great to hire a room not far from the hospital. It would allow Oleg and his father to come to see Ann and Mom and be together more often. We do ask you to help us if you can. Please, don’t be indifferent and don’t leave us in the lurch.

Mikhail and Marina Sakharova

The address of organizers of fund raising for Anechka Sakharova's treatment

he fund raising for little Ann Sakharova’s treatment organizers’ address

When you hear about someone’s misfortune it seems that it’s far from you. It seems that such matter will never happen to you and your nearest and dearest people. But no one is impervious to such things. Bad luck comes suddenly and destroys everything you love. In such situations people are looking for a backstop in life and need some moral support.

Little Ann Sakharova is only 2 years old. She lives in a small town Kineshma in Ivanovo region, Russia. She was diagnosed with the 4th stage of the neuroblastoma, a terrible disease. Since that moment her tiny heart began to count days and minutes of her fragile and illusive life. Each beat of this heart and each sigh of this little girl touch everybody who treats the child like a meaning of life to the heart. 

We appeal to everybody who didn’t lose his or her ability to sympathize and can feel another person’s pain as his or her own, to those who is ready to share with Ann the most difficult moments of her life, to those who is ready to give a helping hand to this girl. We suggest coming and supporting the charity event, a motor rally “Let’s help together”. 

“Let's help together!” is not only a fund-raising campaign for the surgery, it’s a good chance to attract as much as possible attention of society to those children who need cure for serious diseases.

Over the centuries people of Russia were united by common language, common culture and ability for compassion. These parts of national identity make us feel and act as a solid nation. Perhaps, the strong wish to save little unfamiliar girl’s life is our chance to feel yourself as a part of the great and strong country. Perhaps, it’s the only chance for changes.


Contact and accounts details (approximately 8.5 million of rubles are required)

For postal transfers: To Sakharov Mikhail Andreevich, Aristarch Makarov Street, 56-29, Kineshma, Ivanovo region, Russian Federation

For mobile phone transfers: +7 906 617 2090 (Ann’s Mom number) (money from the number transfers to the bank account automatically)

QIWI purse: 9066172090 (please, quote in the message ‘ for Ann's treatment’)

Savings Bank Card: 4276 8170 1815 0850 of Sakharov Marina Anatolyevna (Joint-stock commercial Savings Bank of the Russian Federation)



Необходимые средства

250 000 евро.

Собрано средств

1,9 млн. руб.


Мы на Одноклассниках


Марина Сахарова (мама)

Телефон: +7 906 617 2090



Елена Смирнова

(доверенное лицо)

тел: +7 910 691 0011


+7 905 105 2196

skype: martamistral